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Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) celebrates project close-out.

Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) celebrates project close-out.

MEDA, an International Development organization that creates business solutions to poverty is proud to announce the successful completion of its seven (7) year Women Empowerment and Youth Entrepreneurship (WAY) project in Bauchi, Nigeria. The project implemented with funding from Global Affairs Canada has been a testament to MEDA’s commitment to creating business solutions to poverty and driving positive change in communities through sustainable partnerships and empowerment initiatives.

The WAY project which aims to improve the contribution of women and youth-led businesses to the Nigerian economy has been a beacon of empowerment to communities in Bauchi state. Through targeted efforts, the project has equipped women and young entrepreneurs with the tools to enhance productivity, embrace sustainable practices, and access crucial markets and financial services. The ripple effect of these interventions has been felt far beyond economic realms, touching lives and fostering a sense of community resilience.

Through strategic partnerships, the project has not only contributed to economic development but has also empowered women to take active roles in their communities’ economic growth. The project’s comprehensive approach has resulted in tangible, positive change in the lives of many individuals and families in Bauchi.

MEDA would like to express deep gratitude to its donors; Global Affairs Canada, local partners, entrepreneurs, and community members who have collaborated and supported the project. Their dedication and commitment have been instrumental in achieving the project’s goals and creating a lasting impact in Bauchi.

As MEDA closes out this project phase, the organization looks forward to building upon the successes and lessons learned from the MEDA Nigeria Way project to continue driving positive change and empowering communities in Nigeria and beyond.

For more information about MEDA and its initiatives, please visit www.meda.org.

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