The role of communication/media in any sector can never be overlooked because it can either make you or break you. To dive right into this topic, we need to understand the basics.

We will be taking this in three (3) directions.
  1. Communication & Agriculture
  2. Leveraging media for the benefit of the agricultural sector.
  3. Relevance of media in agriculture`

1. What is Communication?

It is the process of transferring information from one person, or place, to another. The role of #communication cannot be overlooked in any organization and of course, the agricultural sector is not left out.

How media is transforming the agricultural sector.

2. What is Agricultural Communication?

This field focuses on communicating the happenings in the agricultural sector to a wider audience, comprising both agricultural and non-agricultural stakeholders.

3. How to leverage the media for the benefit of the agricultural sector.

There are diverse ways you can leverage the media so that it can be beneficial to the agricultural sector.

  • Content Writing: Content comes in various forms, you just need to know the one that works great for you. For this particular topic, we will be using content writing.

Articles are just another way to communicate with an audience. There are so many topics that you can research and so many audiences out there waiting for you to publish that material, and gain access to a great piece of information. It could be e-books, whitepapers, or infographics.

  • Podcasts: podcasting is another way to leverage the media world. Podcasts happen to be a growing market to take advantage of to communicate relevant information to the public. According to grand view research, the global #podcast market size was estimated at $9.28 billion in 2019 and $11.07 billion in 2020 and now with a growth rate of 27.5% between 2020-2027 and now predicted to get to $60.50 billion by 2027.



Podcast has emerged as the preferred source of entertainment with their easy accessibility on smartphones, speakers, and other gadgets at any given point in time even when multitasking or during the commute.

Many businesses are leveraging the opportunities the podcast market has to offer. Let’s Talk Agriculture has been leveraging this opportunity to give agricultural businesses the awareness they need through her podcast.


  • Video Production: Video is an interesting method to capture your audience and get them hooked on your content for a long time.

Leveraging video production helps in showcasing the good works, activities carried out in the agricultural space.

Content with video representation gets more engagement from the public because it helps them to attach an image to the #story you’ve written. For example, if you’ve interviewed a smallholder #farmer and drafted an article, people will read the article but may forget about it, but a video showcasing what the smallholder farmer is all about, the farmland, and the crop, helps people relate and understand your content more.

So, with this singular approach, you’ve succeeded in leveraging video production to boost the agricultural sector.

Relevance of media in the agricultural sector.

• Dissemination of agricultural information among farmers.

• It creates #opportunities for farmers to express themselves / concerns.

• Awareness from the media leaves a possibility of #funding/ investments for the farmers and the agricultural sector at large.

• Market access.



Media is a great way to showcase what we do in the agriculture sector, and we need to take this sector forward. Let’s prioritize media, and not overlook its relevance to this sector we care about!

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