In this episode of the Let’s Talk Agriculture podcast show, we took a deep dive to learn more about gender equality & inclusion in agriculture.

This topic is relevant to every sector but as you know, we are particular about the agricultural sector.

Women play very key roles in the agricultural sector but their contributions continuously go unnoticed which is a major challenge.

The whole idea of discussing gender equality & inclusion is to let people know that it isn’t just about women, it is striking a balance & ensure that both men an women get equal opportunities.

Our podcast host, Sharon Idahosa was joined by Jennifer Denomy, an expert when it comes to discussing Gender Equality & Inclusion.

In this episode, Jennifer gave insights into the following;

✅ What gender equality & inclusion is all about.

✅ Why gender equality & inclusion is important in the agricultural sector.

✅ She also talked about the misconceptions about women in agriculture & how to deal with them.

✅ The ways agriculture business owners can overcome gender challenges.

Tune in!

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