The war in Ukraine, as well as sanctions against Russia, has resulted in a massive decline in the supply of major staple foods which is contributing to the rise of food prices globally.

This episode of the Let’s Talk Agriculture podcast show was requested by one of our listeners who is feeling the heat the war between the Russia-Ukraine crisis is causing in Nigeria.

As of 2022 agriculture was employing about 70% of the labor workforce of the Nigerian population and 2022 has contributed about 22.36% to the GDP. This alone shows that agriculture remains the foundation of the Nigerian economy and many others.

To discuss this topic on a global scale, had a seat with the Chief Executive Officer of the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness Partnership (AFAP) to share and guide us on the way forward

Tune in to listen to Sharon Idahosa, the host, and Michael Sudarkasa, our guest for today’s show.

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