We started a series this month with the theme of food and nutrition which is a major concern for all. Food and nutrition are the way that we get fuel providing energy for our bodies.

In this week’s episode, we discussed how we can provide good nutrition in rural communities as many low-income countries rely more on staple foods and less on fruits, vegetables, and animal-source foods than high-income countries.

We were privileged to have Oumar N’diaye Director of Africa, Business Development of Nutrition International to share his knowledge and of course the best ways we can have good and nutritious food.

Some of the questions tackled in this episode;

1.       What role agriculture plays to increase the availability and access to nutritious food in rural areas?

2.       How to utilize nutrition education to improve household nutrition.

3.       A lot of people know the kind of food to eat but still avoid eating them. What could be the cause?

Listen to our host, Sharon Idahosa as she discusses with Oumar N’diaye in the food and nutrition series.

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