Regina Nyakinyua on Innovations for Inclusive Agricultural Financing

It’s another insightful episode brought to you by your favorite agriculture public relations firm, Let’s Talk Agriculture.

One of the major concerns for many agriculture business owners and entrepreneurs has always been accessing finance. It is true when they say money makes the world go round because a lot of finance needs to be invested to make the agriculture sector thrive.

We have seen this as an important topic of discussion, hence the reason for our new episode titled, innovations for inclusive agricultural financing.

Regina Nyakinyua, an expert in agriculture investments and finance, joined our podcast host; Sharon Idahosa to discuss the different ways we can create inclusive agriculture financing and a lot more.

She gave full insights into these questions below;

✅ What can you identify as the major challenges of agriculture financing?

✅ How do you think we can boost finance opportunities in developing countries?

✅ What are the ways you believe we can boost investments in agriculture?

✅ And how can you describe MEDA’s approach to inclusive agri-financing?

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