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Managing Threats in the Food Chain with Vilas Rao

The risk to the human food chain has increased drastically, partly due to the movement of people, plants, and animals between countries and this can cause a detrimental effect on our food security and that’s a major concern for all of since considering we are still working towards achieving food security on all levels.

In this week’s episode, we had the opportunity to seat with Arable Chief Revenue Officer Vilas Rao, who shared his thoughts on the ways we can manage the threats in the food chain.

Vilas Rao discussed;

  • What the food chain is all about in the simplest way possible.
  • He discussed the major threats in the food chain.
  • And the roles we play in averting the threats in the food chain.

He was kind enough to share some resource materials to help us learn and understand this topic greatly. Please check this out their blog.

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