5 Quick Facts About Public Relation.

public relations

PR has somehow managed to have different meanings to different people; some do not know about it.

Many times people tend to categorize PR as advertising, digital marketing, publicity, and so on, but it is way more than that and that’s why we’ve compiled this quick list of what everyone should know about PR.

  1. The Bone of Contention: What is the PR we hear all the time?

According to Wikipedia, public relations is the practice of managing and disseminating information from an individual or an organization to the public to influence their perception.

  1. Public Relations Is Not The Same As Advertising:

As mentioned earlier a lot of people believe that PR is the same as advertising but that is not the case.

In simple terms, advertising is more of paid media/ads while public relations involve building a strategic relationship between brands and the general public to create a certain perception.

  1. Public relations professionals are familiar with the media;

PR professionals are usually familiar with the media. They don’t sit all day on social media, rather they watch out and keep up with the news because they have to give speaking opportunities, insert a client into a story, and much more.

  1. Social media is a replacement for public relations:

Social media is a tool to help amplify the messages of brands. It is an invaluable tool for PR professionals, especially for agriculture public relations firms like ourselves that rely on social media to tell stories of the happenings in the agricultural space.

  1. Public relations is not an exact science:

Can you measure PR? The answer is probably. Many PR firms have created estimates, models, and e.t.c but the truth remains that the PR industry is vast and evolving, so you shouldn’t expect that the same strategy will work for every client.

This is the reason why we have a PR consultation call with clients to learn more about their businesses and advise PR strategies suitable for their brands.